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The Biography of Hasan Basri rahmatullahi alaihi

Birth and Childhood  


In the year twenty one hijrah (A. H.), two years before the end of the rule of  Hazrat Umar, Hazrat Hasan Basri, who grew up to be a great saint,  was born in the Holy Prophet’s city of Madinah Munawwarah. His father Yasar,and mother Khiyara, greatly rejoiced this occasion and they took him to Hazrat Umar.

Hazrat Umar took a date and having chewed it, put it into the mouth of the baby,  and to the joy of the parents said “Name him Hasan for he has a beautiful face.”.(Tarikh e Mashaik e Chist p.114).

This act of Hazrat Umar is the sunnah of the Holy Prophet (S.A.W.). In relation to this along tradition has been narrated by Hazrat Anas at the end of which is stated the giving of birth by his mother. Hazrat Anas thereafter relates: ‘ My mother said to me,  Anas ! no one should suckle the baby till after we have taken it to the Prophet (S.A.W.)’. The Holy Prophet (S.A.W.) enquired ,“ is there anything with him?” Hazrat Anas said “ Yes,  some dates”. The Holy Prophet (S.A.W.) took the dates,  and having chewed a date,  put (some of ) it into the mouth of the baby,  and blessing him named him Abdullah. (Bukhari taken from Riyazus saliheen p.31-32 ).                        

A new born baby may be taken to a noble saint and as a blessing the very first thing to enter his mouth after the birth would be a date chewed by the saint who thereafter would also name him. 

Hasan’s father ,  Yasar had entered the fold of  Islam at the hands of  Hazrat Abu Bakar and was a slave of  the great companion of the Holy Prophet, (S.A.W.) Hazrat Zaid ibn Thabit Al Ansari.  Similarly, his mother Khiyara, was the slave girl of the Prophets wife, Umme Salamah.

Hasan’s upbringing took place in Wadiyul-Qura, in the house of Ummul-Mumineen Hazrat Umme Salamah.  This was a great advantage for Hasan.  For whenever  his mother would be out on an errand and he would cry in hunger, Hazrat Umme Salamah would breast feed him until his mother would return.  It is said that the eloquence that Hasan achieved in his later years was due to the fact that Ummul Mumineen  Hazarat Salamah had breastfed him.  (Tarikh-e-Mashaikh-e-Chist p.14 and Wafayatul -A’yan p.69)

Hasan spent his childhood in Wadiyul-Qura.  Hazrat Umme Salamah would often take him to the Companions of the Holy Prophet (S.A.W.) who would pray for him.  Once she took him to Hazrat Umar who prayed for him ,”O Allah grant him the knowledge of the religion of Islam and make him lovable within the people”. (Akhbarul - Quzat vol. 2  p.5taken from Siyara- A’lamin-Nubala vol. 4  p.562).  Allah most high accepted this prayer of Hazrat Ummar so Hasan grew up to become the greatest scholar of his time. 

During the chilaphate of Hazrat Uthman he would often come and go into the house’s of the Azwaj-e-Mutahharat (wives of the Holy Prophet ( S.A.W.). (Tabi-een p.77)

Hasan him self say’s “I would enter the house of the Holy Prophet S.A.W. during the chilaphate of  Hazrat Uthman. I could reach the ceiling with my hands and in those days I was a teenager. The day Hazrat Uthman was assassinated  I was forteen years old. (Siyara -A’laminul Nubala vol.4  p.569 )


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